Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Telling Stories with Cats

In honor of National Cat Day on October, 29th. Yes, I’m three days late due to illness and trying to find the right pictures.
I originally thought of this as a matching activity with cards or a file folder game which you can still do by making two copies of each picture. However, I’ve also thought of telling stories with cats. They can use any or all of the pictures to tell a story of a cat’s day or they can use their imagination and go beyond a normal day for a cat. You can even find other pictures to expand and go in a totally different direction. Your children can learn some of the basics of cat care. Cats need food and water like humans. Cats also need a bath although not as often as humans. Cats can be friends with dogs, cats come in different shapes, sizes and colors and cats can be silly and playful like the rest of us. They need toys for fun and scratching posts for exercising their muscles and for getting rid of the dead layer that is on top of their claws. It’s like when we cut our nails. Mostly, they need to know that someone loves and cares for them. I’ve included some normal things that a cat would do as well as silly pictures to create a more eventful story. I’ve also included different breeds and colors of cats including ragdolls because I have two of them. Also, I obviously couldn’t find eighteen pictures of the same cat doing different things so they all had to be different, but you can still tell a story. I hope you enjoy this activity and later I’ll post others with different kinds of animals.

Cat in a Basket

Bath Time

Bed Time


Black Cat

Cat Grooming Himself

Kitten in a Cup


Cat Eating

White Cat Coming out of Gift Box



Another Ragdoll

Cat Using Scratching Post

Tiger Striped Cat

Cat Having Tea Party With Dog

Cat Drinking Water

Cat with Teddy Bear

Cat with a Flower

Play Time

Curious Cat

All pictures were found using Google Images and they are clip art.

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