Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Felted Pear Giveaway

I’m linking up to a Felted Pear Giveaway hosted by Counting Coconuts. I’ve already entered this giveaway and wanted my followers to have a chance as well. It’s for a $30 gift certificate to the Felted Pear. The felt foods are really creative and some of the platters are cute. There is a huge variety of food as well.
The Felted Pear is an Etsy shop where you can find hand crafted felt foods for children. The owner of The Felted Pair makes foods like of course pears, a rainbow of fruits and veggies, strawberries, a slice of pizza, a chicken leg, wheat bread sandwiches etc. She even includes not so common fruits and veggies. Click on the link to her store to see all the great items. You can even have food platters customized because everything is hand made. It states that all materials are safe for children ages three and up. You have until Friday to enter. Click on the link to Counting Coconuts at the top of this post and follow the instructions on the page. Be sure to check out the photos on that page as well because there are more items there that aren’t in the Etsy shop. Good luck.

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