Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fraiche Soaps & Swizzles Giveaway

I have a couple more giveaways to post. The first one is from, Fraiche and is hosted by Mama Buzz.. They sell all natural soaps, swizzles which dissolve in bath water and gift baskets. I like that the soaps are all natural and some of the scents sound good. I read on Mama Buzz’s blog that some of the flower scents actually contain flower petals and that the peppermint scent contains peppermint candy. I think the fruit scented soaps like apple and orange would smell really good. I’ve already entered and I’m posting this to let my followers have a chance as well.
here’s where to enter. Mama Buzz has better descriptions of the soaps and swizzles since she was able to actually try them. She also has several ways to enter to improve your chances. Good luck!

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