Friday, November 12, 2010

Books of the Week

Your All My Favorites by Sam McBratney is a good book especially if you have multiple children. Even though the bear cubs are different, their mom and dad still love them. We read it to our four and five-year-olds. They sat quietly through the story and sometimes pointed out things in the pictures. It was a story they could relate to and they seemed to enjoy it. One of the parents brought it in from home and the boy said that it was one of his favorite books last year. It's worth reading at least once.

The Ugly Caterpillar by Carl Sommer is a book we've read to our younger group many times. First, they enjoy the illustrations and usually sit quietly for the story. It's sad at first when Katie the Caterpillar can't find a friend because she's too ugly. Eventually, she finds a best friend who stays with her through her transformation into a butterfly.
Here's the summary from
"Speckles the spider and Crumbs the cricket think Katy the caterpillar is much to
Ugly to be their friend. But Annie the ant doesn't agree, and she and Katy become
best friends. As Katy the caterpillar begins her strange transformation into a beautiful
butterfly, her friend Annie is shocked and amazed. Speckles and Crumbs finally learn
that true meaning of Beauty and friendship-and caterpillars? This lively and original
story of respect for others by Carl Sommer is perfectly illustrated in full color
by Greg Budwine and is very highly recommended for young readers, grades K-4."

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