Monday, November 22, 2010

Mini Winter Sensory Tub

Here’s a mini winter sensory tub I made this morning.
I’d prefer a bigger tub and more cotton balls, but I used what I had on hand.
What’s in it:

Cotton balls for snow,
Shiny stones for ice,
Small polar bear, (Arctic animal fun in the snow)
Small penguin,
He didn’t fit with all the other things so I had him next to the tub.
A cup and bowl for pouring,
A shovel for scooping, (shoveling snow)
A snowball,
It was a dog toy that we bought, but we decided it’d be better that he not chew it up.
A snowman’s hat,
It came from a Bath and Body Works snowman bottle from years ago.
Small fuzzy white ball, (another snowball)
It’s a cat toy that was also never used.
The shovel and cup came from a snow cone making set that we have.

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