Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly Favorites, October 31, 2010

Each Sunday, I’ll post favorite links I’ve found throughout the week that are creative, interesting, informative etc. I’ll try to narrow it down to five, but sometimes will have more. I’ve thought of this before, but never got around to it. Recently, I saw a post from, The Imagination Tree that reminded me of it. It’s a good way to link up to other people’s blogs and it’ll be easier when I want to find all these activities in the future.

Ice Bowling!
I had never seen this activity before and thought it was really neat. I love the way the blue ball came out.

If We Did That, Teacher Tom, We Would Die!
A great post on safety and helping children make their own judgments about what is safe. I like his approach.

Patterning With Gumdrops!
A fun but simple activity.

The Value of Scooping, Pouring and Counting Candy Corn
Another simple, but fun activity good for Halloween. I had to include it because I love candy corn!

Exploring The Five Senses with A Pumpkin
A creative post about how to use all five senses to explore a pumpkin. It's also great for Halloween or a general fall theme.

Jelly Volcano Balloons!
This is because I couldn't narrow it down to just five. Another great activity using balloons from, A Little Learning for Two.

Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. I love all the ideas - this is definitely a flashy Halloween page:)

  2. Thankyou so much for linking to my Blog, off to explore the rest of your site :-)


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