Friday, November 26, 2010

Sorting and Counting Snack

I got some random food together and put it on a plate for counting and sorting. Kids can learn about healthy and unhealthy foods, sizes, shapes and textures of foods, food groups etc. I put the platter there for an easy sorting tray. Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, it's a good time to make a post about food.

What’s on the plate:

1 role,
2 apple slices,
3 candy corn,
4 pieces of celery,
5 coco puffs,
6 marshmallows,
7 grapes,
8 pieces of cheese,
9 raisins,
And 10 pieces of blueberry granola cereal.

healthy vs. unhealthy
healthy foods in the top sections and unhealthy foods in the bottom.

hard, Soft, rough, smooth, crunchy etc.

Round coco puffs, rectangle pieces of cheese, oval grapes, etc.
I made it so that each food had a certain number from one to ten. This platter only has five sections so here it is with just five foods.
building with a toothpick
You can add toothpicks to all these foods to make any creation or design. Here's a simple one with a grape, apple slice and two marshmallows. Using toothpicks with marshmallows is always fun and it works the best because they stick.

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