Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Reflection and Light Sensory Tub

Everything in this tub is shiny, transparent or mirror-like.
What’s in the tub:
Two types of clear stones,
Shiny colored stones,
Tiny round beads,
Flat round beads with designs,
Tiny jewels of different shapes,
Shiny stars and circles,
Various balls,
Blank CD,
Fake crystal bracelet,
Plastic circle covers,
Clear plastic,
Stainless steal bowl,
Transparent cup,
Plastic compact mirror,
And the tub is lined with tin foil.

I got all the stones, beads, shiny stars, circles and jewels in the craft section at Walmart. The shiny plastic crinkly ball and the other ball with tiny circles on it are both cat toys that haven’t been used yet. The bouncy ball with the horse inside, I found on Ebay a few years ago. The little bowl is Diamond’s from when she was a kitten. The two shiny circle covers are for the back of headphones. They don’t really look shiny in the picture, but they are and some of the beads and jewels can fit into them. The rest of the stuff was found around the house. I’m sure there are more things you can add that are shiny or reflective that I didn’t have. I included the flashlight so they can see how light reflects off some of the things and how it goes through others.

For a bigger tub, I’d probably just tear the tin foil in pieces instead of lining the whole thing so that not so much foil is wasted. Of course, I’d add more flashlights for more kids. This is for children over three. To make it for smaller children, put larger objects in the tub. I hope you enjoy this idea.


  1. What a very clever sensory tub! I think I'll have to replicate it someday - thank you for the idea!

  2. Your welcome! I'm glad I found a sensory tub idea that you hadn't thought of.


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