Thursday, November 25, 2010

Find the Leaf

Find the Leaf

Leaves of different shapes and sizes from different plants,
Construction paper,
pencils and crayons,
tape, (optional)

Collect a variety of leaves and show them to the kids

Go for a walk with your children and see if they can match the leaves to the plant they come from.
Allow your children to do leaf rubbing.
1. Put the leaf vein side up.
2. Place the paper over the leaves.
If the paper moves too much try taping it down.
3. Rub over the paper with the side of a pencil or crayon.

Look up the leaves and their trees. Learn the names ( Internet/library).
Put together a book of all the leaves.
Compare with friends from other areas of town, country etc.
Take digital pictures to remember this experience especially if you are making a book.
Compare leaves from the same tree/bush from different times or seasons of the year.

Good For:
Vocabulary Building
Fine Motor Skills,
Learning about nature.

Idea from the E-mail newsletter.

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