Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bath time For Baby

Here’s a bath time with baby sensory tub. I got the idea from this bath time sensory tub done by Counting Coconuts. Here’s the messier version with water and real bubbles. It’s good if you have the time and don’t mind a little water play. It would work better in the sink or bathtub.
Here’s what’s in the tub or in this case next to the tub since not everything fit.
Two different scrub brushes, (one with soft bristles and one with rough bristles)
Soft sponge,
Plastic cup,
Plastic bottle with cover,
Wash cloth and hand towel,
Soap dish with cute little heart shaped soap, (slightly scented)
A baby doll,
And a cute little rubber ducky.

The plastic bottle is to keep things like body wash or lotion in for travel.
The cup is from a bathroom set that we found in the clearance isle at Sears.
The brushes and sponge are from a bath set I received as a gift years ago and I’ve never used them.
The soap dish was from another bath set.
I think the heart soap was from a hotel.
The rubber ducky is part of a set called Sweetheart Ducks that are obviously for Valentines day.
I bought them six years ago and I think they were from this website, but maybe not.

To make the bubbles, I used apple body wash from Bath and Body Works, but you can use whatever bubble bath or soap you’d like.

The baby pictured is called a water baby. She is the big version and I’ve kept her for over 20 years now and brought her out for the photos. I also had the smaller version and I was hoping to use her for the pictures instead because she’d fit in the tub better, but she’s not in the bucket of dolls that I’ve kept. For those who don’t know, you fill the baby with warm water and that’s what makes her shaped more like a baby and she feels squishy instead of hard vinyl or plush. I didn’t know if they still made these dolls so I looked around and found some on Amazon. They have a much bigger selection now, but you have to look through all of them because some are more expensive.
Water Baby in lavender.
Water Baby in pink.
Water Baby Newborn.
Water Babies Fun Bath Set
There are more on Amazon and other sites than what I’ve linked to here.
drying off


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.


  1. Thank you for linking back to me - I love your spin on the bath time tub. Very practical life, which I'm all for! Well done!

  2. Your welcome! I'm glad you liked this one too.


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