Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frozen Shapes

I receive an E-mail newsletter from, where I saw this idea. I thought it would be neat to try so I’m posting it.

Frozen Water Shapes

Various size balloons
Food coloring
Eye droppers
Large container for water play

1. Select different shaped balloons
2. Fill with water
3. Put in freezer for a few days
4. After they are frozen solid- cut away the balloon, leaving the shape.

Put the ice shapes into the large container. ( baby bath, paddling pool or water table)
Allow them to drop the food colouring onto the ice and watch the colors change.

Good For:
Hand - Eye Coordination

You could also do this with different shaped ice cube trays.


  1. Congratulations! You are the winner of the Kids World Exploration Lesson Plan CD. You will be getting an e-mail shortly.
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  2. Just dropping by to let you know Ive passed on a Versatile Blogger award to you, I really enjoy reading your posts :-)


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