Monday, November 8, 2010

My Twinn Doll Giveaway

I’ve never written about giveaways on other blogs before, but I thought this one was cool. It’s a customizable doll from, My Twinn!
You can customize a doll to look like your daughter or any special girl in your life. I know some of you have daughters and would probably love to give something like this as a Christmas gift or a gift for another occasion. The dolls are a little expensive because they are customized so if you win the giveaway, it would save you a lot of money and you end up with a cool gift. They have a variety of other things from friend’s collection dolls, pet accessories, personalized books and more.

When I was little, I would have loved this. I had a favorite doll that I named Kelly. I don’t remember if that name came with her or if I named her that. I’m thinking it came with her, but I picked her out at the store when I was four so I really don’t remember much about when I got her except taking her out of the box. I brought her everywhere with me. I remember she smelled like baby powder. Her head is turned to one side and it makes her look like she is sleeping. She came with an outfit, but eventually, I put my own baby pajamas on her and that is how she’s pictured below. I took another bracelet off one of my other dolls and put it on her and she still has the bracelet and pajamas on to this day. She sits in my closet with a few of my other dolls. My mom always wondered why I picked that doll to be my favorite instead of dolls that she thought were prettier. I really don’t know. She didn’t have a fancy dress, she was smaller than most of my other dolls, she didn’t make sounds or come with cool accessories, but I just thought she was special in her own way. Maybe because she looked like a baby and those were the kinds of dolls I preferred or maybe it was because she had a soft body and was easy for me to carry around and snuggle with.

Kelly in the pajamas

Kelly covered by my favorite baby blanket
I still like dolls and have a small porcelain doll collection. None of those dolls are as special as Kelly. Now, you can get dolls that look how you want and even just like you. Not many people can say they have a twin doll. It might be even more exciting if the girl gets to help customize her special doll. Anyway, I’m hoping one of my followers will win a special doll for her daughter or another special girl that she will keep and love for a life time. To enter, go to the review by Mama Buzz and follow the instructions. Good luck to my followers.

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