Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly Favorites: December 12, 2010

This week, there were so many posts to choose from. I chose fourteen, but there were even more that I thought could go on the list. I really like all the homemade decorations, games and gifts that have been posted this month. A lot of them are much less expensive to make than buying them at the store and they are just as good if not better. I hope you enjoy the list and thank you for your comments. I’m glad I can bring these ideas together and give people a chance to see them when they might not have otherwise.
Festive Scented Play-dough
Homemade play-dough in festive holiday scents.

Colorful Ice Sculptures
Ideas for making ice sculptures. A fun wintery sensory activity.
fun and cold winter sensory activity!

Borax Crystal Ornaments
Neat homemade ornaments!

Homemade Toy Magnetic Pompoms
Homemade magnetic pompoms are a simple and creative toy for older toddlers and preschoolers. they are inexpensive to make as well.

Candy Cane Fun
A few fun candy cane activities.

Hot Coco Snowman
A really neat homemade snowman gift! Click on the link above for the tutorial.

Making a Nature Ice Wreath
This holiday wreath is really cool! I'd never seen this before, but apparently a lot of people have made them.

Match the Mittens
A simple, but fun match game with mittens.

Snowman Cupcakes
A cute wintery snack!

Sparkley Silver Snowflake
It's simple to make these sparkley snowflake decorations.

Homemade Felt Food Cookie Jar
This was one of my favorite homemade gifts I saw this week.

Ice Cream Cone Trees
Cute and easy to make mini Christmas trees!

Ten Scents of Christmas - Sensory Cards
Another holiday activity using scents.

Candy Cane Play-dough
More festive homemade play-dough.


  1. Candy Cane Playdough sounds amazing! Going to check it out....
    Thanks for linking to my ice cream cone trees.

  2. Thanks for including my snowman cupcakes! Can't wait to check out the other ideas.

  3. What a great collection of ideas! I really want to make the ice wreath. However it hasn't been that cold lately so I might need to wait... Thanks for the link up.

  4. Thanks for the link, Darcey!

  5. You found some great ideas. I can't wait to check them out. Thanks for including my candy cane playdough.


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