Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cotton Ball Polar Bear

Cotton Ball Polar Bear
What you’ll need:
Polar bear picture, coloring sheet or cutout,
Cotton balls,
Shiny circles, beads or googley eyes for the eyes,
And other optional materials.

We used these two coloring sheets.
Polar bear
Polar bear mother and cub
If you don’t like either of these, there are so many coloring pages or cutouts to choose from online.

Some kids picked the polar bear by himself, but many picked the mother and cub. I only have a picture of one that I made, but couldn’t get pictures of the rest.

We started by gluing cotton balls to the bears. Some used very few cotton balls while others filled in their whole bears. Some kids added a lot of shiny circles and stars. Others only added a couple. Most of the kids added a lot of glitter on top of everything. We covered the cotton balls with glue and sprinkled glitter over the glue. Some of them even got added to the end of the year portfolios.

It’s a simple, but fun winter craft. Even though it has a finished product, there is a creative process by adding different materials. Kids can decide where to place them and they can even go outside the lines to make the bear apart of a scene.
Other ideas:
Add cotton balls or white puffy paint to the bottom for a snow scene,
Use different types of materials to give the bear more texture,
Cut out the bear and place him in another winter scene that the kids have created,
Do a similar project with penguins or snowmen.

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