Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Decorations

Here are our decorations for this year.
Here's our tree. It didn't come out as well as I'd like because there aren't enough lights and if we added more, it'd be too much. Same goes for the garland. the angel topper is pretty, but it's a little wobbly because it's too big for this type of tree. I couldn’t get a good picture of the whole thing without taking a picture of everything else in my living room so here’s the top two thirds of it. The bottom layer of branches aren’t decorated anyway because I’m afraid the cats will mess with the branches and knock off the ornaments. I’d rather keep them safe.

We have some great ornaments this year.
We have a couple of new birds, a snow covered acorn and three cupcakes.

I found them at Sears unexpectedly. Some of our classics are the M&M light covers, a ghost in an ice cream cone, an elf stringing popcorn, a glitter covered cell phone, a snow baby holding a star, a dog in a gift box and a sparkling clam that we found at a local gift shop called, Lands End. We have a few traditional balls, but we try to have mostly unique ornaments. At some point, I’ll take pictures of some of the ornaments individually.

Here’s another tradition, the stockings!

Each of us has one and we put a few small things in them every year. Mine isn’t here on this wall, but here it is.

I’ve had this stocking since I came home from the hospital in it as a baby. Back then, if your birthday was close to Christmas, they gave you a stocking.

I usually have a Christmas display as well. This year I have the big snowman who I found years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop, a small snow covered house that we’ve had in our family ever since I can remember, another smaller house, a pond, snowbank, a boat that lights up and a light up Walmart. In the windows you can see things that would be in the store and that’s why I bought it.

I also have a small fiber optic Christmas tree that I found at Biglots and an ice skating rink. When you turn it on, the skaters move, it plays music and lights up.

Polar bear and baker
I found this polar bear cookie jar on Ebay last year and the baker I found at Walmart a few years ago.
Some of my favorite decorations are our snowmen from Hallmark’s collection of holiday snowmen.
Piano playing snowman
He sings Let It Snow, Jingle Bell Rock and Have a Holly Jolly Christmas.
The Verry Merry Trio
Here's a trio that sings next to their Christmas tree. They sing a version of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree.
the Sleigh
The snowman, penguin and dog sing while on their sleigh. they sing Sleigh Ride.
Snowman with Hot Chocolate
This snowman isn't from hallmark. I found him at Biglots. The marshmallows in his hot chocolate sing Let It Snow along with him.
Dj Little Avalanche
This snowman DJ plays a mix of Ice Ice Baby and Jingle Bells. He moves to the music as if he's mixing on the turn tables and if you plug in your own mp3 player, he'll move along to your music as well.
Reading snowman
A snowman holding a book. Someone we know won this and she didn't want it so she gave it to us.

Fiber optic snowman
The last snowman of our collection for now. He lights up.
There are all the decorations we have out this year.

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