Thursday, December 9, 2010

Animals of Antarctica Books and printables

Most of the printables and coloring pages are for penguins because I couldn’t find much for the other animals. There were a few things for older children, but I chose not to include them. I’ve found these posts on Antarctica hard to do because there’s not much there. That’s also why these posts have been so far apart. There’s a third small post I’m working on for Antarctica, but I’m not sure when it’ll be done. I won’t start a new series of continent posts until January. I hope you enjoy some of these books and printables. I have not read all the books, but I picked the ones I thought would be interesting, informative, cute or appropriate for younger children. Most of them are labeled with reading ages 4-8.

365 Penguins
Antarctica (True Books: Continents)
A Penguin Story
Baby Seal (Nature Babies)
Big Blue Whale: Read and Wonder
Explore Antarctica (Explore the Continents)
Here Is Antarctica (Web of Life)
I am a Seal: The Life of an Elephant Seal
If You Were a Penguin
Is A Blue Whale the Biggest Thing There Is?
Islands of Ice: The Story of a Harp Seal
Penguin (See How They Grow)
Sammy the Seal (I Can Read)
Seals (Polar Animals)
The Little Seal
The Orphan Seal

Penguin Maze
Help the penguin dive through the penguin shaped maze to catch a fish.
Penguin Maze 2
the penguin is going to its family.
Penguin dot to dot puzzle
Download blue whale theme paper
Penguin life cycle
What I learned about penguins
Many penguin printables and activities

Coloring Pages
Penguin Coloring Page
Penguin with its chick
Penguin pushing a bear on a sled
Penguin relaxing on the beach
Penguin hatching egg
Penguin sitting on iceberg
Penguin serving fish on a platter
Seal coloring page
Seal balancing ball
Blue whale coloring page

Oreo penguins
Penguin games and snack

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