Saturday, March 5, 2011

Weather Match and More

I’ve seen a few ideas for a weather theme on the blogs lately and thought I’d add a couple of my own. The matching game has pictures of different kinds of weather. There is the sun, a day with a blue sky, wind blowing the trees, a snowflake and a cloud with raindrops. The matching pictures either are something you’d wear in that type of weather or something you can do. In the wind, you can fly a kite, if you are out in the bright sun, you’d need to put on sunglasses etc.






Spring weather with flowers and butterflies.


Leaves blowing in the breeze.



Dressing up for outside.

Weather Recordings:
Here are some recordings to go along with a weather or seasons theme. they are good to have on in the background or for a listening area.

Lazy Summer Day - The Warm Sounds Of Summer
Light Spring Rain
Thunder Storm By the Sea
Thundering Rain Storm
Wind Blizzard
Windy Wasteland: Nature Sounds Only Version

Check out these weather themed activities and this awesome weather sensory tub from Counting Coconuts.
You'll find some neat weather art and science ideas here on Mrs. Karen's blog.

All images came from the links on my image credits page. (see in sidebar)

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