Thursday, March 10, 2011

Assignments: A Child's Drawing

These drawings are from two girls who were apart of the first group of kids I worked with back in 2001.
The first drawing is called, “Stripes.” It’s by a girl named, Amanda. I worked with her for two summers and she was fun to work with. She laughed a lot. She loved to play in the home corner. One of our games was to play with the mirror and look at our reflections. We’d make silly faces in the mirror or pop up and then disappear. On the last day of my job, Amanda drew this picture. I asked her to tell me about it and she said it was just stripes. She asked me to save it for her which I did, but it ended up in the pile of drawings that other kids were drawing for me. She never got it back, but I’m still saving it.

The second drawing is by a girl named, Oona. It was also drawn on my last day. She said it was a present for me, but she didn’t tell me anything about the picture. I think it’s a creation that we can pretend it’s whatever we want it to be. One memory of her is when I first met her, she was near the garden. She had just picked strawberries and she was telling me about them. She loved strawberries, but then realized her shoe had came untied. As I tied her shoe, she was curious about me. She wanted to know where I lived, who I lived with, where my house was etc. She asked a lot of questions. One day, the group was on the carpet waiting to hear a story. One boy said how bored he was and then Oona said, “If you are bored, then that means you are a boring person.” That’s something that she heard from her parents or other adults I’m sure, but I suppose it’s true.

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