Monday, March 28, 2011

Assignment: Early Childhood Resources

I’ve created a new page for early childhood resources. It was an assignment, but I’ve wanted to put up a page with a list of links for a while. Many of the links and the list of journals were apart of my assignment. I’ve also added links to articles and recipes for art supplies that I didn’t want to forget. I’ll add more links as I find them. Some links I’ve included that weren’t apart of my assignment are to RIE, the Growing Years, Chopsticks and Counting Chips, The Case for Play, The National Institute for Play, The Maine Association for Infant Mental Health, etc. there are a few others, but I can’t remember them all. Here is the link:
Early Childhood Resources Page
From now on, it’ll be listed with the other pages in the sidebar.


  1. Thanks for the list of resources! I will keep it booked marked so I can come back and refer to it!


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