Monday, January 3, 2011

White Winter Sensory Tub & Matching Key

White Winter Sensory Tub and Matching Key
What’s in the tub:

Clear stones,
Small white pompoms,
A larger white pompom,
White Christmas bow,
Wooden milk jug,
Cotton balls,
Cotton pads,
Cupcake liners,
A white box,
A white dish,
Rolled up paper tube,
Sea shells,
Tiny potpourri bag,
Two plush seals,
And a few bouncy balls.

We had this kind of activity set up for the kids a couple of weeks ago and they enjoyed it. I used mostly white items for winter and snow with garland as the filler. I took a few of the white items, paired them up, and taped one to a piece of paper to use a matching key. I only had one of the matching items in the sensory tub. For the key I used a snowflake Christmas ornament, cotton ball, cupcake liner, straw, spoon, sponge, cotton pad and lid to the box. The matching items were hidden in the garland. I also added some items that weren’t white and some additional white items that don’t go with the key. This way, the kids have to look at the key and the items and their colors more carefully. Not only that, but this way, there are more things to explore.

The little milk jug replica was a souvenir from a trip to a pumpkin patch when I was a kid. The potpourri bag came in a little gift set. The candle smells similar to the herbal essence shampoo. It smells really good. The seals are from Bath and Body Works. One came in a little bathtub gift set and the smaller seal is a Christmas tree ornament that I found the same day. Everything else was found around the house.

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