Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No Mess Messy Play

No Mess Messy Play

Red, yellow and blue finger paint or colored hair gel.
Ziplock bags.
Optional duct tape

Put one blob each of red and yellow paint into one bag and zip it up.
To prevent leaking, insert the bag, seam down into a second bag or seal the seam
with duct tape.
Prepare another bag with yellow and blue
Prepare a third bag with blue and red.

Squish the blobs together to see that red and yellow make orange, yellow and blue make green and blue and red make purple
Practice writing letters, numbers and shapes through the plastic.
Put three or four colors together in one bag and learn about brown.
Experiment with different materials, such as hair gel, cornstarch in water, flour and water, catsup, pudding or jelly.
Puncture a small hole in the bottom of the plastic bag and squeeze it like a pastry
bag to write and draw on paper or a tray.

Good For:
Fine Motor Skills

This activity was found from the Play-Activities.com E-mail newsletter

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