Monday, January 17, 2011

Hot Coco Craft

For this hot coco craft you will need:

1 Styrofoam or paper cup,
1 Brown paper lunch bag,
Coco powder or hot chocolate packet,
Cotton balls,
And scissors.

I started off with a plain white Styrofoam cup. Then I cut up pieces of the paper bag and glued a small piece into the bottom of the cup.

Next, I took larger strips of the paper bag and glued it around the inside of the cup so that all the white was covered.

I thought painting with a coco powder and water mix was a good idea, but all it did was make everything wet and the glue wasn’t sticking.

Luckily, I didn’t do this for very long and was still able to do the next part of the project. I decided to just spread some glue around the inside of the cup on the sides and the bottom. Then I sprinkled some coco powder in the cup and swirled it around. It made the cup smell like chocolate and made it look more realistic.

The coco powder and water painting might work well for scented water colors. I only used maybe half a t-spoon of coco powder and mixed it in a small bowl of water. I might have used half a cup.

Finally, I added some cotton balls as marshmallows by gluing them to the bottom and edge of the cup. I only put one on the bottom and two on the top, but would’ve put more if I had a larger cup. You could also use real marshmallows as well.

This came out pretty well and only took about fifteen minutes including the time it took to gather the materials. I’ve seen a few different hot chocolate activities on the blogs lately, but wanted to do my own version of one. Plus I wanted to try a hot chocolate craft with the kids and after trying this myself, I think it would work well. I’ve learned after one planning disaster that it always is better to test the activity yourself first especially if it’s an arts and crafts activity.


  1. That's cute. I like the sensory experience of adding the cocoa.

  2. My daughter painted a picture for me using melted chocolate...I think Hershey bar. She made me a lighthouse picture and made the paper that she painted it on. That was 3 years ago! If you open the frame it still smells yummy! The melted chocolate worked well for painting but could get more expensive for larger groups. Might be worth a try with smaller number of children though:D

  3. That's really cute! It looks so good I think my son would try to eat it - lol!

  4. The melted chocolate painting is a great idea! We'll have to try it.


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