Friday, January 21, 2011

Computer Troubles

Last night, my desk top stopped working. We thought it was the power supply so we bought a new one, but the computer is still not working. I might have to take it to a shop, but I have a bad feeling about it. We think it’s the mother board and if that’s the case, it’s cheaper to just buy a new one. That won’t be happening for at least another month. In the mean time, I’m using my laptop which I’m not used to. The last time I used it was for lesson planning at work over a year ago. I used to use it more for school work, but I’ve forgotten the layout of the keyboard plus it’s a little slower than the desk top. If there aren’t as many blog posts in the upcoming weeks, this is why. I think I’ve lost my blog notes file as well where I list all the things I want to post about. I thought I had backed everything up and I’m hoping that file is in a folder somewhere on my Dropbox account. If not, I’ll just have to try to remember what I wrote in there and use new things I come up with. All of my really important files are saved though. I learned that lesson from last time my computer crashed. I hope I can fix my computer because all the other parts are almost brand new including the hard drive and I’d like to get the few files I’ve saved or created in the last week that I forgot to copy.

I’d also like to thank my new followers. I’m up to 30 now. I appreciate everyone’s comments as well and try to respond to all of them. Even though I won’t be posting as much, feel free to drop by and leave comments. I’ll still be checking my E-mail and reading the rest of your blogs.


  1. Hi Darcey,
    I just hate when that happens! I hope you get this worked out soon!!

  2. Thanks, Deborah. I hope it gets worked out soon too.


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