Sunday, October 10, 2010

Books of the Week

Here are the books I brought to read to the kids this week. I’ll try to post the books that we read every week especially when I buy new ones.
Bluebird's nest
This book is no longer available on Amazon, but I recently bought it off Ebay and the kids enjoyed it. It's a better read during spring, but the kids liked watching the nest get bigger and they enjoyed the 3d illistration of Bluebird at the end. We talked about how she builds her nest in the fall to keep warm through the winter.

Where Is Skipper's Bone?
It has nothing to do with fall, but the kids liked moving the slider up and down as we looked for Skipper's bone. This turned into a discussion about our own pets. Some of us had dogs, dogs and cats or just cats.

C is For Coco
The kids loved pointing out things in the pictures. When I asked who Coco was, one boy said, "She's a chick." Then another boy said, "Coco is like hot chocolate." It's a good book for introducing letters to toddlers. Some of the kids recognized the letters right away. When a letter came up that was the first letter of one of the kids names, they'd point it out. We also had little discussions about some of the pictures.

Very Hungry Caterpillar
We read this book often. The kids love it. Some of the kids pointed out some of the foods that they like or don't like. They love the pictures too. It's a favorite of our's at the center year round.

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