Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Texture Box

I’ve started to put a few things together for a Halloween texture box. They can sort all the objects by texture; smoothe, rough, bumpy, soft, hard etc. I’ve included a tin foil pumpkin that didn’t come out very well and excuse the pumpkin face in the picture. It’s my Halloween placemat set. I have some plastic spiders, plush pumpkin and ghost, plastic pumpkins and a glass pumpkin and ghost. If you use a glass item, I’d only recommend it for only one child at a time if you think they are ready to be that careful and taking it away after they’ve felt it. It’s definitely not something for a center. I included them mostly for the picture because I don’t have other plastic pumpkins and ghosts, but it is another texture that they could feel and you could talk about how you have to be careful with certain things.

Other things I’d like to put in the texture box include a felt pumpkin similar to this one.

I’ve thought of sand and construction paper pumpkins, real baby pumpkins, pumpkins cut from other fabrics, foam pumpkins, sponge pumpkins etc. You could use ghosts, witch hats, spiders, skeletons etc. Basically anything related to Halloween. I couldn’t find regular cutout patterns, but I think the coloring pages will work for tracing the shapes.



There are a lot of ideas you could add to this. I hope you enjoy it. All the images that aren’t mine, I found on Google Images.

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  1. I love "feely boxes" too! I had one for every holiday when I taught! I shared your link with my peeps on Facebook!


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