Thursday, September 8, 2011

Assignment: Establishing Professional Contacts & Expanding Resources

To find professional contacts outside the US, I contacted a couple of the bloggers that I follow. My first contact is Kierna from Northern Ireland. She has been a nursery teacher for over ten years and has been involved with Comenius projects which has allowed her to visit schools in Poland, Italy, Norway, Sweden and France. She writes a blog called Learning for Life. Much of her blog focuses on the importance of exploring nature and outdoor play.
My second contacts are Sherry and Donna who have taught together in Melbourne Australia for many years. They have a blog/website called Irresistible Ideas for play based learning. they share many inspiring and creative ideas for classrooms and write about their visits to other area preschools. I have received E-mails from them both and now I’m trying to figure out what to ask them first. Does anyone have ideas for what kinds of questions to ask?

The website I chose for part two of the blog assignment is Early Childhood Australia. I looked at a few of the other resources and this one seemed the most interesting to me. I chose this website because it has a variety of links and information to explore. I also subscribed to their newsletters.

I’d like to thank my two contacts for being willing to help. I appreciate them taking the time out of their busy days to answer my questions. I’m looking forward to learning new information from my contacts and through the website.


  1. Darcey, I love the theme of your blog and I look forward to reading your responses from your contacts in the upcoming weeks.

    I was thinking that I would ask questions to my contaacts according to our week's lesson plans. The answers could be an addition to our application assignments as well. Just a thought.

  2. Darcey:

    It is great you have accomplished the requirements to succeed. Let me know about Early Childhood Education in France. I would like to go for a visit one day, and if I like the city I stay!

  3. I am happy you were able to make professional contacts, I am still awaiting a response to my email requests. I hope they respond it will be interesting to be able to communicate with people from another country.

  4. Darcey,
    What a great idea to use your blog contacts. For those who are still struggling to find a professional contact, perhaps perusing the blogs will prove more fruitful!
    One of the contacts that I was able to find is also from Northern Ireland with the Early Years organization--providing support and technical assistance to parents and educators of young children. I'll have to be sure and follow what you're writing on to compare these two people's perspectives on the issues and trends we'll be discussing.

  5. Hi my friend! Great to see you again! I have missed keeping up with your blog and your great ideas! Looking forward to another class with you!

  6. Hi Darcey,
    Thank you for giving me some great contacts. I am glad that we are in the same class again. How did things go for last class? I know we will have much communication this class and you have such good ideas to share. Thank you!!!

  7. Hi Darcey,
    Great to be learning with you again! That is such a smart idea to use blogs to help with your contacts. I am excited for this assignment and cannot wait to see what we are going to learn together!


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