Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Outside Play Time for Babies

Today, there were six babies. It was a nice surprise to have Baby C there all day. Usually she’s only there for a couple hours in the afternoon. Baby M was there as well. He’s one of the youngest and is pretty fussy. There were a few times where we couldn’t figure out what he wanted. He was so tired, but wouldn’t fall asleep and when he did, it was only for about 20 minutes. That’s nowhere near enough sleep for him. I spent a lot of the morning playing with Baby C since Crawling Baby and Baby L went for a walk with the toddlers. Baby O was also with the toddlers since she’s transitioning over. By June 1st, she’ll be over there all the time.

Baby C and I played with rubber duckies, plastic fish and a few different rattles. She kept laughing and smiling while playing with the toys. We rolled and bounced on the big ball. She liked when we sat on the ball and I’d role it back and forth. It was like rocking and she almost fell asleep. When Baby L came back from the walk, he and Baby C played together. Baby C kept grabbing the bunnies on Baby L’s feet. He had one of those onesies on that has feet with bunnies on them. They kept grabbing each other’s faces and taking toys from each other. They didn’t seem to mind though. It looked like it was there way of playing together. Crawling Baby came over with a book in his hand and sat in my lap. Baby L wanted the book so he took it away from Crawling Baby. The tables were turned. Usually it’s Crawling Baby that takes things away from Baby L. Crawling Baby started to fuss and tried to take the book back. I got it back for him, but a couple seconds later, Baby L had taken it again. Crawling Baby got fed up and crawled off to do something else.

We played our game with the round squishy thing. I found out it was for the front of the squishy seats. It fits in the seat so that the baby doesn’t fall over. Crawling Baby didn’t chase after it this time, but laughed when it would hit things. He was amused when I’d crawl after it. So when he’d laugh, I had to role the round thing and then crawl after it. After doing this a few times, he started crawling after me. He’d wait until I’d ask if he was going to come with me and then he’d crawl over. He especially liked when it’d hit the gate. Another thing I noticed about Crawling Baby was whenever I’d leave and come back into the room, he’d rush right over. He kept sitting in my lap. It’d only last for a few seconds before he was on the move again.

It was such a nice day and we were finally able to take the babies outside. Crawling Baby played in the sand box. Babies L and M were on the swings. Baby O had come back to the infant room and she played in the sand box too. When Crawling Baby got tired of sitting in the sand box, he tried the rocking horse. After rocking on it a few times, he was done with that and started exploring the grassy area. He stood up holding on to the fence, but then wanted me to hold his hands while walking up the hill. Then he decided he wanted to crawl on the tar path, but there was an open swing so I brought him over to it. He fought me as I buckled him in, but he didn’t cry. After I pushed him and he started swinging, he loved it. I don’t think he realized what it was at first. They had some other things on the infant playground. There were a couple of slides, a small climber and some other things they can rock on. They had a grassy area that they can crawl around in and a few of them can fit in the sand box. Crawling Baby’s socks got dirty from the sand so we had to take them off. It was funny to see his reaction when his bare feet touched the grass. That was when I had to leave, but it was nice to see them having fun outside.

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  1. It's so great to have a designated area for the infants. Although I do my best and make sure I have enough things for Little Man to use outside, he mostly wants to use the big kids stuff. So, I have to be extra vigilant in watching what goes into his mouth :) But it's worth it, to see that boy grow so big and fast.


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