Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mamorial Day, 2011

I usually don’t talk about anything other than kids on the blog, but I thought this was funny. So I figured I’d post it. Yesterday, we went over to my mom’s for a small cookout. It was nice to spend most of the day outside and away from the computer. We brought Vic, the yellow lab along. He enjoyed laying in the grass and was at times amused, but for the most part, he was disinterested in my brothers six chicks. My brother brought a couple of them out into the yard to munch on the grass. Here’s how they all interacted. The cat in the picture is my mom’s. Who knew we could get a picture of a dog, cat and a chicken! The poor chick cried while she was in the yard by herself, but felt better after her sister came along. It was an enjoyable day.

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  1. Aren't labs the most beautiful dogs. At every stage of their lives they are stoic, distinguished, adorable animals!!!


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