Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Quiet Rainy Day

All the babies were there, but it was a quiet day. A couple of them came in late. I spent a lot of time with Baby L. First we played on the floor. He was sitting in his squishy seat playing with plastic keys and some other rattles. He kept babbling to me as I pointed out things about the toys. I was pointing out some letters on the keys and the shapes of the buttons on the phone. I know he couldn’t understand what those things meant, but he was very interested. He had some time on his belly, but he got frustrated with that. He wants to crawl, but he’s not strong enough yet. He moves his arms, but can’t move his legs to follow. He also played with a squishy toy which he liked. He kept squeezing it and putting it in his mouth. He’s teething right now so we gave him a frozen teething ring which he used until he fell asleep. Baby L and Baby C are the same age so they like sitting together. Today they both played with sets of keys. They always smile and imitate each other. It’s funny to watch. Baby l has an ear infection so during his afternoon nap; I had to hold him while he slept. I tried putting him in one of the swings to sleep since he feels better sitting up, but he woke up when I was strapping him in. I sat on the couch with him and he fell asleep and stayed asleep for 45 minutes. It was his longest nap in a long time. All the other babies were asleep and took longer naps than usual too. Maybe it was because of the rainy day.

Later I fed baby J and had to change his diaper. He’s usually fussy when being changed, but he was really patient with me. The diaper part didn’t take long, but then when I had to put the onesie back on, that took a while. I really hate all those snaps and how you have to line them up. At least he didn’t seem to mind.

Crawling Baby spent some time playing with his favorite phone and dumping out a bucket full of toys. We didn’t walk together today, but he kept walking with a push toy. I showed him and Baby O a book with scratch and sniff garden pictures, but they didn’t understand the whole sniff part. The scratching they understood right away. Baby O was gentle with the book, but Crawling Baby seemed like he wanted to rip it apart so I had to put it away. It was one of my books from a small collection and I didn’t want it ruined. I knew that would happen, but I thought I’d try anyway. They always have books out for them to look at as well. If I had my own classroom, I’d probably make a lot of picture books for them to look at. I know there are some you can buy, but I’ve seen a lot of good ideas for making them plus they can be personalized.

I sat with Crawling Baby during lunch and he’s such a messy eater. He wants to be independent and feed himself. We’ve tried to feed him with a spoon, but he knocks all the food off onto the table and then he’ll pick it up to eat it. After a few spoonfuls, I gave up and started dumping it onto the table. It’s a mess, but it’s great that he wants to feed himself. He loves all kinds of foods too which is good. Most kids I’ve worked with have been picky so this is a change. That was all for today.


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