Monday, April 18, 2011

Egg Shaking Listening and Matching Activity

I keep seeing different versions of this game around on the blogs so I figured I’d try making one of my own. I started with a dozen plastic eggs and made six matching pairs. I made sure that each pair wasn’t the same color so they had to depend on the sound to match them. I used pennies, round stones, googley eyes, rice, popcorn kernels and pompoms. I started by putting them all in the basket. That way they can use the egg carton to help them keep track of their matches.

Another way to do the activity is if there are enough kids, give each one an egg and see who else has the egg that makes the same sound. That might be a good circle time activity.

Finally, a third way to do this activity is to make a key like I did below. I taped each object to the piece of paper. You can start with the six eggs that correspond to the object. See if the child can match the object with the sound. You can add the other six eggs to make it a little harder or do 12 objects instead of six. You can do any number of eggs you want. I chose twelve because I had an egg carton to put them in.

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  1. Great post! I featured you on my Found It Friday post!


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