Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Favorites for March 13, 2011

Here are my favorite activities for the week, but I also wanted to post some links regarding the recent earth quake and tsunami in Japan. I feel bad for those who have lost their homes and loved ones. I don't know anyone who lives there and I've never been there, but it doesn't matter. I think it's important to use things like this to teach children about empathy and the rest of the world and even though we have some differences, we are all people who have the same basic needs. I'm sure the people will get through this with time and come back stronger. It's amazing to me how one day everything is fine, you have your home, loved ones around you etc and the next thing you know, the world as you knew it has completely changed. That's what nature can do.
If you'd like to help by donating, click here.
That link is through and it's for donating to the Red Cross. If you'd like to find other links, I'm sure they'd come up through a Google Search.

The following are two links for tips on talking about natural disasters with kids and some science experiments you can do with kids to help them understand how a tsunami works.

Tips for Discussing Scarey News with Your Kids
What is a Tsunami?
Tips and experiments to help your kids learn about tsunamis.

A Beautiful and Simple Science Experiment
A science experiment with flowers and colors.

St. Patrick's Day Theme Discovery Bottles
Discovery bottles made for St. Patrick's Day.

Rainbow Play-dough
For St. Patrick's Day.

Un predictable Weather Play-dough
For a weather theme.

Marbled Shaving Cream
A fun art project with shaving cream.

Painting with Jellybeans
A fun painting activity for spring or around Easter when jellybeans are popular.

Fine Motor Ideas
A few fun ideas for working on those fine motor skills.

Shamrock Frozen Paint
A neat painting activity with frozen shamrocks.

Cooking with Children
Some tips for cooking with children.

Rainbow Shaving Cream Bath Paints
A fun bath time activity.


  1. Thanks Darcey for including my blog in your list.

  2. Thanks for sharing a link to my post! I look forward to checking out the other good ideas, too.

  3. Thanks again Darcey! You always have the best weekly lists. So many fabulous ideas!

  4. many great ideas. Thanks for including our jelly beans painting.


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