Saturday, February 22, 2014

Where I've Been

I know that I haven’t written here for almost a year. The last time I wrote, I had just finished my capstone project and was about to graduate. With that accomplished, I focused mostly on my job. At that time, I was working almost full-time in the toddler room again. This lasted until May when more staffing changes occurred which brought me back to my previous schedule of floating between the infant and toddler rooms. I have been doing that since then. A lot has happened, which has lead me to look for new opportunities both in and outside of the early childhood field. The fact that I do not have my own classroom is one of the reasons for my lack of posts. As the floater, I am mostly supposed to follow the lead of the full-time teachers which leaves little room to come up with my own activities and ideas for setting up the classroom environment. I have a couple of posts that I never finished from my work in the toddler room from last spring. I plan to post those in the coming weeks.


I have other ideas for posts in mind that will be more research based which will take longer to write, but I hope you find them useful. As always, I will focus on play. I have recently contacted one of my instructors about teaching assistant opportunities so my blog may go in another direction. I am hoping to assist with teaching early childhood courses. Thank you for following my blog and stay tuned for future posts.

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