Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's In My Toy Box?

This is a listening activity as well as a matching activity. It was hard to find sounds for toys so there are only nine, but there will be a part two. It won’t have sounds, but it’ll include more toys. I hope you enjoy it. This would probably be too hard for kids younger than four or five, but you could just have them listen to the sounds or print out a duplicate set of pictures and have them match them.

Click here to download the sounds and pictures.








Rubber ducky

Teddy bear


Track list:
1. Ball
2. Blocks
3. Book
4. Dice
5. Marbles
6. Rattle
7. Rubber Ducky
8. Teddybear
9. Truck

All pictures were found using Google Images and they are clip art.

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