Monday, August 9, 2010

Animal Sounds Listening Activity

This is a listening activity I did with the kids on animal sounds. I chose 20 random animal sounds. Some sounds that the kids would know for sure and then others that they might not know right away. The kids had fun with it and some of them knew the sounds that are less common. You can add more sounds of your own to this depending on the age and attention span of your kids. I copied the sounds to a CD and had them listen to them that way, but you can use an Ipod or another type of media player if that’s easier. The files are mp3 and wav so you’d have to convert them to audio format to use them in a regular CD player. I’ve also included the track list and a 3 second long silent wav file in case you want to add it to the beginning of any new sounds you choose to add. I added the three second silent pause to each sound so the kids could get ready before hearing each one. If you work with kids, you know how long it can take to get them back on track especially when they are doing something new. They get lost in the excitement. If you need assistance with fixing any sound files, let me know and I’ll help if I can. I used the basic sound recorder program that comes with windows. Then I used a simple mp3 encoder to save them in mp3 format. If anyone decides to use this with their own kids or kids they work with, let me know how it goes. The following is the track list.
Click here to download the files.
  • 1. Chickadee
  • 2. Dog
  • 3. Horse
  • 4. Cat
  • 5. Duck
  • 6. Rooster
  • 7. Pig
  • 8. Bull
  • 9. Polar Bear
  • 10. Tiger
  • 11. Penguin
  • 12. Seal
  • 13. Baby Penguin
  • 14. Hippo
  • 15. Elephant
  • 16. Frog
  • 17. Snake
  • 18. Guinea pig
  • 19. Dolphin
  • 20. Whale


  1. how can i download????

  2. To download, you right click on the link and click save target as.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will do this activity with my boy any day now! Awesome I found it :)



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