Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TEN: (The Education Network)

Kate from An Amazing Child asked me if I could share her new networking website that she has created with my followers. It’s called, TEN: (The Education Network.) It’s a networking site where parents, students, childcare providers and teachers can all come together and share ideas. Its set to launch on March 1st, but it’s already up and running if you want to register and look around. It’s easy to set up your profile and add your information. It’s free so why not check it out? You can also follow the site’s progress on Twitter.The following is a description of the site from Kate, the owner.

On March 1 we will be launching our free open-share network dedicated to progressive
early childhood education. It is called TEN: (The Education Network.)
TEN will allow you to form groups (whether it be online groups or actual playgroups),
share ideas and resources, meet other people in your local area, and organize events,
participate in discussion forums, upload activities and photos and more.
TEN differs from facebook in that it is a network dedicated to early childhood education.
All members have a common interest and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and
ideas. TEN offers your followers the opportunity to meet and share ideas with other
people in one place and will allow you to further
grow your community. You can link-up with other like-minded people and groups from
around the world and share ideas and activities.
TEN is an education network. It is designed to bring parents, teachers, daycare providers
and students together in order to create a sharing community for the benefit of our
children. It is a free service. Please stop by and have a look.

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  1. Stumbled into this post. Went and had a look. Very interesting. Obviously quite new from your post but seems to be growing quickly. There is already heaps of stuff to do and look at. Anyone have any experience with it?


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