Monday, February 21, 2011


This year has brought a lot of changes for me. In January, I decided to quit my job. I don’t want to be too specific here. I’ll just say that I wasn’t fired and it had nothing to do with the kids. I felt that I wasn’t going anywhere as a substitute at this particular place and rather than drive myself nuts, I needed to move on. I’m happier now, but I miss the kids.

Because of my experiences at this last job, I spent a lot of time asking myself whether early childhood education was the right field and then if not, what was? I looked around and most degree programs in other fields didn’t interest me. In 2009, I applied to a counseling program, but since they only accept 40% of their applicants, I didn’t get in. I thought of trying again, but I missed this years deadline for fall and would have to wait another year to reapply. I had found an online certificate in play therapy, but you have to be licensed to actually practice play therapy so I thought of waiting and reapplying to do the counseling program. Then after I got a license, I could specialize in play therapy. Around the same time I had found the certificate, I found another online
masters program through Walden University. It’s an online university and I didn’t know much about it and still don’t other than what they have written on their website. So far, I’ve taken the demo course that shows you how their system works. I’ve taken online classes before so it wasn’t difficult.
The program that I applied to was early childhood studies. It’s broader than early childhood education. It included more administration, advocacy, and research type specializations. I chose the teaching and diversity specialization.
I talked to an advisor and she told me that people have gotten jobs in social service
agencies, program management and of course regular jobs in early childhood settings after getting this degree. After a few E-mails with her, I applied and it took me
a few days to get everything together, but last week, I was accepted into the program. So I’ll be working on this program for the next two years. It’s completely online and I’ll be taking one course at a time.

On Wednesday, I will start volunteering at another preschool. I don’t know what room I’ll be in yet. I’ve asked to work with the infants and toddlers which they seemed fine with but we’ll see. I know some places would rather not have volunteers work with the babies, but the director seemed happy with it. I figured this would be a way to get more experience while I’m not working plus I don’t have any hands on experience with infants or really young toddlers. It’ll be a new place with new people and maybe some new opportunities. I’m only expecting to have fun with the kids and to build my reference list. I met with the director last week and she seemed nice. She was impressed with my resume and portfolio and asked if I’d also like to be on the substitute list. I said that was fine with me. Today, she called again and told me there was an opening and had already set up a time for me to meet with the director of the other center. For now, this place has two centers and will possibly have three by the end of the year. The job would be in the infant room. I told her that I didn’t have experience with infants which she already knew, but she said the other director didn’t mind and that she liked my resume too. I’m not getting my hopes up since there would be plenty of other applicants who are more experienced and then I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get it. I’ll look on the positive side. I would still be able to volunteer, substitute and I’d have school to keep me busy.

Other than that, there will be a change for the blog in the next couple of weeks. I have ordered a custom template from Simpley Fabulous Blogger Templates. The blog will have a new look and layout. There will be more content and activities related to infants and my volunteering. I will also continue to post preschool activities that I’ve done in the past or planned. I have a bunch written down already that I’ve been meaning to post. My camera is fixed enough to take pictures and there is a new one on the way so I will be able to post pictures again. I hope you will still enjoy reading the blog. I’d like to thank all my followers. I have more followers than I thought I’d ever have. I appreciate all your comments and thank you for reading the blog.


  1. Hi Darcey! How exciting to be going back to school! I want to go back too! I love that you are going to explore the infant and toddler areas of early childhood for a bit. This is not an easy task to do! I hope you share much about this arena of early childhood - I will be very interested in your adventures in school and in ece!

  2. Oh - and I look forward to seeing your new blog look too! You have lots of changes for sure - how fun!


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