Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Art Activities for An About Me Theme

Reflection Paintings


Plastic Spoons
Aluminum foil
Food Coloring
Corn Syrup


Allow the children to paint on aluminum foil with a mixture of food coloring and corn syrup. When they are done, they’ll have shiny paintings and will be able to see a reflection of themselves.

My Placemat


Construction Paper
Picture of Child


Give each child a piece of paper. Let the children either paint or trace their handprint on the paper.
They can also decorate the paper any way that they want. Finally put their picture
And name somewhere on the page and laminate it. Use the placemats during meals or let the child use it how they’d like.

Photo Collage


Construction paper,
Photos of the child and his or her family,
And anything else the child would like to decorate their picture with.


Let the child glue pictures onto the paper. They can also decorate the empty parts of the paper how they wish. While working on the project, you can talk about when the photos were taken, family members in the photos etc.

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