Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly Favorites for February 6, 2011

This is the longest favorites list I’ve ever done. I have over 20 items here and could’ve put a few more. It’ll take me forever to make the comments and hopefully I’ll get them all done today. There were a lot of great ideas on the blogs this week. I wanted to include a lot of the Valentines ones since it’s coming up fast and if anyone has missed some of them and wants to use them in their lesson plans, they still have time to do that. There are some great science experiments, math activities and there is still time to do some of those winter themed activities. There is still a ton of snow on the ground here and a lot of other places and from what I hear; there is more on the way. Even though there aren’t any Chinese New Year activities listed, I hadn’t forgotten about it. I didn’t bother to add any of those activities this time since it’s already passed. I know it inspires a lot of activities; crafts especially. I hope you enjoy the list.

Crayon Hearts
A pretty Valentines craft using melted crayons.

M&M's Counting Number Bingo
Fun math games using M&M's.

Easy Polar Bear Craft
A cute and easy to make polar bear craft.

Painting on a Mirror
A different kind of paint experience and the recipe for shampoo paint.

Snowmen Arts & Crafts Ideas
A bunch of ideas for snowman crafts.

Shaddow and Light Play
Shaddow and light play for Groundhog Day and of course, a great way to include some science

Flower Building Toy
A very creative homemade toy.

Chocolate Play-dough
A recipe for chocolate play-dough for Valentines day.

Valentines Gumball Necklace
A cute Valentines gift idea.

Valentines Day Ice and Snow Fun
Fun with frozen heart shapes.

Hot Coco Day
A hot coco themed day. A few great ideas.

Fun with Snow and Ice
Lots of fun ideas using snow and ice.

Building a Tree for Snack
A cute tree snack that kids can build themselves.

Making Rainbows
A fun science experiment.

Slippery Balloon Fish
A fun sensory activity.

H is for Healthy Food Pyramid
A great activity for learning about healthy and unhealthy foods.

Jeweled Hearts
Another pretty Valentines craft.

Cupid's Cups
I had to include them because they are so cute. A great Valentines day snack.

Build a Felt Cupcake
A cupcake themed activity for some quiet play.

Valentines Day Games
Fun Valentines day games.

Discovery Color Bottles
Another version of discovery bottles. They are useful for science, quiet play, sensory play etc.


  1. Thank you so much for including us in your favorites. So many great ideas. We already did the felt cupcakes. Those were a hit in our home!

  2. Thank you for including our polar bear craft in your round up! You have a great list of ideas here.

  3. Thank you for including our shampoo paint :)

  4. Thanks for including my crayon hearts and cupid's cups Darcey! This is another great list. I checked out those gumball necklaces - oh my goodness, to die for cute! Thank-you so much for sharing all these great ideas.

  5. Thanks for including my snowmen ideas. :)

  6. Thanks for the feature. You really made my day!


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