Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good News and Bad News

There’s some good news and bad news. All of the sudden, my computer started working. I’m not sure why, but after I held down the F1 key as I was turning it on, Windows actually launched and it started up normally. I’m still not sure if the power supply has something to do with it or if the mother board is messed up. I’ve decided to keep the new power supply just in case because I’ve had a problem of random restarts. This crash will happen again in the future if it is the mother board so I now have every file backed up including my blog notes that I mentioned yesterday. I still should plan on buying a new computer though.

The bad news is that when I was syncing up my E-mail account with my Ipod for the second time after some trouble with sending mail, almost every message in my inbox disappeared. They weren’t deleted, they simply disappeared and I can’t find them anywhere. They somehow got deleted from the server without me knowing. I had about 20 messages in there. Some were important enough for me to keep, but I hadn’t moved them to another folder yet and others I hadn’t responded to. I don’t even remember everything that was in there. When one thing works, another stops working. I’m hoping I don’t have any more technological or other types of problems for the rest of the weekend. Tomorrow, I should be able to do my weekly favorites post and will work on a new sensory tub for next week.

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  1. Hate computer problems. That is crazy about your email. I am sure those messages that were important the sender will get back in touch with you.


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