Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Assignment: My Daily Supports

To me, someone who supports you is someone who is there for you when you need them. It’s someone you can share your problems with. It’s someone you can depend on to be there emotionally or if you need some other form of support. An important part is to make sure that you return that support in whatever way you can.

My two biggest supporters are my mom and boyfriend. My mom is there when I need something. I can talk to her about things. She supported my decision to go back to school and encourages me. She occasionally helps with the bills when we can’t cover it all. I don’t drive so she takes time out of her day to bring me where I need to go. She occasionally makes food for us for no reason. There are a lot of things she does. She gives me advice even when I don’t want or need it, but I suppose that’s what mothers do. Without her, things would be very different.

I can talk to my boyfriend about anything. He gives me advice or support when I’m going through a rough time. He helps around the house with the chores and cares for our pets. Of course, he helps me with the bills too since we couldn’t afford our place on our own. He supports my decision to continue my education and I can talk about my classes with him. He’s also in school and understands what the work is like.

I try to support them as well by being there if they need to talk or helping them with whatever they might need.

I started volunteering and substituting at a different center in February. This was quite a change from what I was used to. I was meeting a whole new group of people and by my request; I started working with a new age group. Over these past few months, some of my new coworkers have been supportive. I was able to talk to one of them about a problem I was having with another of the substitutes. A couple of them support me by teaching me the things I need to learn to do the job instead of just doing them for me. Sometimes when new people come in, the people who have been there for a while sometimes take over instead of teaching the new person. I appreciate my coworkers that take the time to show me something or let me try something new.

A huge challenge would be if I had to move away and start over completely. I’d be away from my supports. I’d have to start work in a new place and go through the process of getting to know new people and learning the procedures at a new center. I’d have to find a different apartment and find another way of traveling from place to place. I’d have to build up new supports over time. It wouldn’t be impossible, but it’d definitely be a challenge.


  1. Moving is always a challenge but also a new journey to enjoy and learn from. I have had to start over many times, nervous each time but within a short time was comfortable. Looks like I may have to start over again, our daycare/preschool is closing as of Sept. 2. The room I work in is to be preserved but I know it is not sustainable so do not think it will last long.

  2. Darcey,
    You have a great support system! As a mom, I realize I sometimes give my kids advise they're not looking for - yes, moms do that.
    I recently moved. It is very difficult, but also exciting. I moved by choice, so I viewed it as an adventure. It wasn't hard to meet people, but it has been a challenge to "make friends".

  3. I can tell you personally about moving to a new place when you felt very comfortable. I moved from Florida where I had a job, family and a wonderful life. Apprehensive, I moved 2,000 miles north to a different climate, timezone and new friends and family. My husband was extremely helpful with the transition and fortunately we were blessed that I didn't have to work right away because teaching jobs are few and far between in the midwest. It took a few months for our house to be finished building and my time was mostly devoted to that. But it has been 3 years since I moved home and I couldn't imagine being anywhere else. This is definitely where I belong and I promise that even though you see it as a challenge, it may hold opportunities that you could have never had where you are now. Thanks for the great post!! :)

  4. Hi I'm Dana and I am a daycare provider also,stop by and see my blog playandlearnwithdana.blogspot.com

    Look forward to getting to know you.


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