Friday, July 8, 2011

Relationship Reflection

When thinking about this assignment, I realized there weren’t many people to talk about in my relationship reflection. I used to be close to my grandfather before he passed away and I had a few close friends during school, but we’ve grown apart over the years. They have their own lives now. It’s difficult to maintain relationships when the people are moving in totally different directions. There are a couple of people I’ll talk about here who are important to me. This is weird for me because it’s hard to put the way I feel about these relationships into words. It’s not something I’m used to talking about.

My boyfriend, Carlos:
I can talk to him about pretty much anything. If I have a problem, I can ask for advice. He supports me in the things I want to do, makes me laugh and helps me out with whatever comes up.

Then there is my mom. She’s a kind and hard working person. She was there for my brothers and I when we needed something. She’s always pushed me to do my best, has been my advocate throughout school and I can also ask her for help if I need anything.

Other important people in my life are the children I work with. At each place I’ve worked at, there are always one or two children who I really connect with. First, it was Maddie and Shy and now it’s Crawling Baby and Baby L. It’s not that I want to show favoritism or that I don’t like the other children because I do, but there are always a few who stand out. These children have all been different, but they are the reason I like my job. They have entertained me, taught me new things and I’m always happy to see them.

I’ve always had better relationships with animals than people because animals love unconditionally, they aren’t judgmental and they provide comfort. When you’ve had a bad day, they know it and can cheer you up. This has been the case since I’ve had my first dog, Sully. He was abused by previous owners, but we took him in and showed him a good home. He was sensitive, but protective.

When I lost Sully, my cat Doorknob became my best buddy. Seeing him could always put me in a better mood. I left home for my first semester of college. The night I came home for the holidays, he jumped up in my lap. That was the only time he ever sat in anyone’s lap. It was obvious he missed me. I have so many great memories of him.

My current pets are cats named Diamond and Mellow. I’ve had Diamond since she was a kitten and Mellow since he was one year old. Diamond especially has a strong bond with me. She gets mad if I leave for any longer than a few hours. They run to the door and are happy to see me when I come home. They provide me with entertainment, joy, comfort and friendship. In return, I give them a good home and make sure all their needs are being met.

I’m lucky to have these amazing people and animals in my life.


  1. Darcey,
    I have often felt that way about the children in my life, some you just connect with more than others. It is not favortism, they just have a way of ebbing into your heart and stay there. I also love all my children but there are two especially that draw my attention. I think that is perfectly fine.
    Adorable cats, I love cats but am so allergic to them.

  2. Darcey,
    You mentioned some very good points to use when working with parents such as: learning, being non-judgmental, providing support, and meeting needs. It's amazing what we learn from our own relationships, even with animals, that transfer to working with children and parents.
    When I moved to Harrisburg I had to give away my dog. I found a wonderful home and they really treat her like a queen, but I miss her everyday. I understand what you mean about pets being our best buds.

  3. Darcey, I love that you talked about personal bonds that you make with students. I don't think it shows favoritism at all. It's a very hard thing to do to teach children, bond with them and not be expected to fall in love with them. :) There are always a few that touch your heart forever. Fortunately, in our field you can many times now stay in touch with the parents and keep up with the children even as they move on through their education! Thanks so much for the great post and the sweet pictures!! :)


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